Is Yogurt For Dogs Safe?

Do you believe about yogurt for dogs? Actually, the question becomes so important since there are many debates about dogs and yogurt.


Food - Liquid Yogurt


Generally, they called probiotics yogurt for dogs. There are many people who confirmed that it was very safe. However, most

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people feel hesitant and even reluctant to take risks. Indeed, it is reasonable considering there are some restrictions in feeding your dog. In addition, some restrictions are giving milk or other foods that will not actually fit with the dog. Then, what is the risk of some of these foods? Typically, a dog may develop diarrhea or other stomach disorders. Sometimes, you see that the dog will feel very uneasy after eating something strange.


The Yogurt Effects

The dog is an animal that is always close to humans. In fact, most people have regarded their dogs as part of the family. So, it is reasonable when there is a specific reason to share some food with their dogs. In any case, it looks very natural. But is it? Of course, you cannot take a big risk, especially if your dog is a specific type. Meanwhile, the problem of yogurt for dogs is one thing that should never be missed in the discussion regarding animal health. You might argue that dogs can drink

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milk. In fact, not every dog will like milk. And they may experience abdominal distress.


Understand the Reasons

If you will give yogurt for dogs, you would have to understand the reason. Currently, there are some products offered as yogurt for dogs. And it has been explained that there is a big difference between yogurt for humans and dogs. As a

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result, you cannot give in vain. Anyway, there is one important goal of giving yogurt. Generally, humans consume yogurt to facilitate the digestive

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system. Meanwhile, health reasons must always be a necessity.




It is similar to how you would give it to the dogs. However, please note the type and needs of your dog.

Animals have certain habits in some environments. Perhaps, you do not know how they eat haphazardly. And it is very influential on their health. Well, yogurt for dogs has a major function in restoring the health of the digestive system. To choose a yogurt, you can consider the nutritional intake. It is better to consult a veterinarian. It will be better than you at random in buying the product. So, consider those factors and check your dog.


Of course, we cannot give yogurt continuously. This logic will be the same when you are going to consume yogurt.

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If you need it, you will take it. However, your pet will never tell you. You are the one who is responsible for checking the health condition of the dog. So, give it at the right time. Meanwhile, there are some dogs that probably will not like yogurt. This problem will grow more serious when you push yourself, with poor results. For those of you who do not have experience, you should ask or look for the invalid reference. Therefore, please choose yogurt for dogs appropriately.



What You Don’t Know About Giving Yogurt for Dogs

If you like to share your food with your dog, you will find this information about giving yogurt for dogs very helpful for you. It might not be the only meal that you can share with your dog, but knowing the benefit and also the exception of sharing this kind of food with your dog will help you to treat your dog better and healthier. Furthermore, you will find that yogurt will give the benefit that can be very healthy for some dogs after you have sufficient information about how the dog digestive system will respond to yogurt.


Dog and Yogurts

Before you are going to give yogurt to your dogs, it is important that you know more about yogurt for dogs especially when it is the one that comes with lactose. It is true that yogurt

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comes with lactose, even though it comes with significantly less lactose than any other dairy foods. It is essential that everyone who has dog, pay attention to their dog food since lactose can be poor for the dog’s digestive system. Since lactose

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may affect your dog digestive system, it is essential that you have more information about lactose and its effect for your dog.

Lactose is one of those contained in yogurt in which sometimes will not give benefits for dogs. It is why you need to consider yogurt for dogs as they might come with several negative effects like stomach-upset in dog. Most of those effects will affect directly to digestive system which will also give you such diarrhea distress. Those are the reason why you need to consider giving your dog yogurts first before you find your dog with those health problems. However, it is not the problem that every dog will face when they consume yogurts. There are also benefits that dogs will also get when they consume yogurt.


There are Still Benefits of Yogurt

Though having yogurt can be quite harmful for some dogs, you can still find the benefits of yogurt for dogs so that you can still give yogurt for dogs. Yogurt comes with benefits since it is also available as the source of calcium and protein that are known as good nutrients for dog. For the best benefit of having yogurt for your dogs, you need also to consider giving the one with no sugars or artificial sweeteners and live active bacteria. They will give the benefit for your dog’s digestive system.

Since yogurt is not the one that will give the worst result when it is eaten by dog, it is okay to give to your dog after you ask your vet first. Plain yogurt will

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be the one that is recommended for your dog since this kind of yogurt will not give any harm to your dog’s digestive system. One more important thing about yogurt is that it needs to contain fat-free which will not give excessive fat to your dog. The information above about yogurt will help you to know more about yogurts before you might give yogurt for dogs.


The Advantages of Yogurt for Dogs

Do you know that you can get a lot of advantages by getting yogurt for dogs? As the time passes by, it is discovered that more foods and treats for human are also good for our pets including dogs. Yogurt is also another treat that has been proofen to have a good effect for dogs as well. Plain yogurt is known for giving a good effect on your dog’s condition and there are even people out there who have proved that constant treatment by adding yogurt to their dog’s food managed to cure their dogs of various ailments.

The Advantage of Yogurt


Yogurt naturally contains a lot of calcium which is good for you bone. This also affects the same way to dog’s anatomy. Also, the bacteria in yogurt is good for your dog’s and will do great in clearing up any damage in the dog’s digestive tracks, just like it does on human. There are still people out there who think yogurt will act differently on dogs. That is actually not true. Try feeding your dog a cup of plain natural yogurt once a day and you will see how the yogurt has a good effect to your dogs. Here are various advantages of yogurt for dogs:

- Increase the immune system. The minerals in yogurt enhance your dog’s immunes system. This can be seen by how your dogs seem to be healthier and caught less illness after you start to feed it yogurt.

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You should try by giving him a cup for a day. Choose the plain natural yogurt one.

- Yogurt also reduces the cholesterol level of your dog. This will make your dog feel more energetic and less ‘heavy’ for a walk in the park.

- The chance of having yeast infection also becomes reduced if you give yogurt constantly to your dogs.

More on Yeast Infection and How to Counter with Yogurt

Yeast is a single organism that exists in dogs, so it is impossible to get rid of the yeast. However, in some cases the yeast would release toxin that causes illnesses to the dog and when that happens, it is commonly known as yeast infection. The symptoms that appear when your dog has a yeast infection are

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itching and

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skin rashes, diarrhea, scratching in around the ears, depression, hair loss and many other symptoms. Those can be healed with yogurt for dogs.

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Yogurt is also good for your dog’s diarrhea. If your dog has a diarrhea, you can try feed him yogurt and after a few days, your dog’s diarrhea would stop.


Where do we can get that yogurt and how much plain yogurt for dogs? As for the best yogurt for dogs, it is the plain and natural one. You can get it from various brands on the supermarket. But recently, there are products for yogurt treats for dogs if you want. The Yoghund and Blue Buffalo have the right type

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for dogs and you can get it for $4.99 a bag. It is pretty affordable for your dog’s healthy snack. You can give your dog a healthy treats with yogurt for dogs.


Yogurt for Dogs: Reducing the Symptoms of Yeast Infection


Lactobacilos Acidophilus are bacteria that live in a digestive pathway, and it can be found in yogurt. These bacteria have the task as a probiotic which supports during the organic process by which food is converted into substances that can be absorbed into the body by mean of inhibition of the destructive bacteria’s growth. Besides these bacteria, yogurt also contains calcium. In addition, yogurt has benefits to reduce several diseases which are suffered by dogs such as yeast infection and diarrhea. Moreover, yogurt for dogs is also important to enhance the system of immune and reduce the relative frequency of occurrence of yeast infection. Also, it can undergo a change of the gut microflora and cut down the level of cholesterol.

Yogurt as the Treatment for Yeast Infection

Dogs can suffer several diseases for instance the yeast infection. This disease is caused by the toxin which is produced by yeasts in dog body which has an impact on the immune system of dogs, the system of nervous and endocrine. There are symptoms which are caused by yeast infection including allergies of food, diarrhea, constipation and even depression. Besides that, this disease also causes the disturbance of dog’s skin such as hives, itching, rashes and loss of hair. Moreover, because of suffering this disease, the dogs will scratch their ears and make the strong odor from their body. Thus, if the dogs have suffered these symptoms, the dogs should get

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pal a mentioned stuff.

the treatment and yogurt for dogs is extremely recommended.

By giving yogurt for dogs yeast infection, it can relief those symptoms above. Yogurt has been known as the most important food to handle the yeast infection such as the dog’s

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allergies and any red eruption of the skin. The application of yogurt for dogs can reduce the irritating coetaneous sensation that makes the dogs have a desire to scratch their body. However, yogurt cannot be used for curing the yeast infection, but rather than to give the feeling of relief for those symptoms of yeast infection. Yogurt produces active bacteria which only aims the cells of yeast, but does not reduce the yeast growing.

The Categories of Good Yogurt


This part discusses the yogurt categories which are good for dogs. It is known that the best yogurt for dogs is the one which is plain or without flavoring added into yogurt. Plain yogurt can be made at home because it is easy to make. However, if it is considered as inconvenient, plain yogurt is available at stores. Thus, you can buy it and while buying it, you have to make sure

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that the plain yogurt which you buy contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus that is the important probiotic to relief the symptoms of yeast infections. You should not give the dogs the flavored yogurt because it contains high sugar which can make the bacterial unbalance when the bacteria grow vigorously on sugar. Moreover, flavored yogurt can cause the allergies and any unwanted secondary effects such as disorientation, depression, and seizures.

In addition, there is one more thing you should know in

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applying yogurt for dogs. You should pay attention

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to how much yogurt you can give to the dogs. If the dogs are given too much yogurt, it will cause a bad effect to dogs. Since yogurt contains calcium which is important for dog’s bones, but if the dogs have too much yogurt, they can suffer bone abnormalities. Therefore, you only can give the dog plain yogurt for about one tablespoon according to the dog’s size.